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Young Adult Outreach

Serving thousands of young professionals in the Archdiocese, Young Adult Outreach connects you to ministries, resources, events, and people. For the many young Catholics moving into the Archdiocese -and to the priests who serve them- we serve as a trusted liaison to help you find what you need. Whether you are looking for a Church or spiritual director, a job or roommate, opportunities to meet other young professionals, or want to begin a ministry yourself, Young Adult Outreach is an effective guide in your search. Use www.catholicnyc.com to see all that the young adult community has to offer, sacrament times (Currently providing mass schedules and information for Manhattan only) , Catholic classifieds, or sign up to the email list. You can also contact us through the website with any question or need you may have. With a vibrant, diverse, and growing young adult community, the Archdiocese attests to the fact that the Chruch is young and alive and that you are are the future of the Church.

Visit their website: www.catholicnyc.com 

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Colin Nykaza
Director of Young Adult Outreach
Archdiocese of New York
212.371.1011 Ext. 3181