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Training Overview

Requirements for Clergy, Employees and Volunteers

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Training Refreshers for Staff

Training for Parents and Children


Requirements for Clergy, Employees and Volunteers

The Bishops'Charter for the Protection of Children & Young People mandates that all ministers, employees, and volunteers who have meaningful contact with children and young people undergo training in the detection, prevention, and reporting of child abuse.

The Archdiocese of New York is fully committed to preventing the sexual exploitation of minors, and to identifying any instance in which it does occur. To this end, all personnel with regular contact with children must receive specific training in identifying and responding to potential incidents of sexual misconduct. Although education alone cannot prevent or change inappropriate sexual behavior, it is essential to help each person to grow and mature in Christian sexuality, and to reduce risks to minors.

All of this is done to insure that the children and youth who attend parish and Archdiocesan programs are supervised by a staff that is fully trained to protect them from child abuse.

There are two training programs used in the Archdioceses of New York -- VIRTUS "Protecting God's Children" and "Safer Spaces" (a program developed by our Office for use in the Archdiocese). Personnel must attend a training class as follows:

All personnel who are in regular contact with children will be also provided with a continuing education newsletter by the Safe Environment Office. For more information about the newsletter, click here.

Register for a VIRTUS "Protecting God's Children" class
To register for a VIRTUS class, please click here.  This link will take you directly to the VIRTUS website, which has a list of all classes offered by the Archdiocese.  Please follow all the directions, and provide all the information requested.  Please also note that these classes are offered only for those who work or are employed by the Archdiocese of New York.  Those who are working or volunteering for other dioceses should contact the Safe Environment Office of that diocese.
Take the Safer Spaces class online
Volunteers and eligible employees can fulfill their training requirement by viewing the Safer Spaces video online.  To do this, click here.
Training Refreshers for Staff
In order to keep the principles and policies of child protection fresh and up-to-date in the minds of our staff, we have developed an Annual Child Protection Briefing. 
The Briefing from Fall 2012 (on the topics of Code of Conduct, boundaries, and social networking) can be downloaded here.
The Briefing from Fall 2011 (on the topic of warning signs of victims and reporting procedures) can be downloaded here.
The Briefing from Fall 2010 (on the topic of proper professional boundaries and social networking) can be downloaded here.
Training for Parents and Children

The Bishops' Charter for the Protection of Children & Young People also requires that education be provided to children, youth and parents about sexual abuse and its prevention. As a result, safe environment lessons are incorporated into the curriculum of both the schools and religious education programs.  These lessons are provided as part of the regular classes attended by our students, and are both age-appropriate and doctrinally sound.  A copy of the curriculum guidelines, which are entitled "Right, Safe and Good Relationships", can be downloaded here.

The Department of Education of the Archdiocese offers information and resources to parents, who are the primary educators of our children. All parents are invited to download this "Fact Sheet" to help them keep their children safe (also available in Spanish), and should also consult our "Tips for Parents" page.

If parents choose not to have their child participate in the safe environment training, they must sign a form acknowledging that the information about preventing child sexual abuse was made available to them. This form is available for children in the schools or in the religious education programs.

Our Office has also produced age-appropiate materials to use in conjunction with the safe environment classroom lessons:

"Bathing Suit Rule" - View or Download

Be On Guard Online - View or Download

Be Safe Together - View or Download

Friendship is Love - View or Download

God's Greatest Gift - View or Download

Jesus Always Loves Us - View or Download

This is a Safe Environment - View or Download

Trash Talk - View or Download

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