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Facebook and Child Protection

Many of our parishes, schools and programs would like to have a Facebook page or some other social networking site to keep in contact with the children and to publicize their activities. However, some caution must be used, to protect both adults and minors.

Guidelines for Personal Social Networking Sites

Adults who are active in Archdiocesan programs must understand that material on their personal Facebook page will be evaluated based on their position with the Church.  They must also must make sure that they abide by Archdiocesan policies regarding contact with minors, and maintain proper professional boundaries:

“Do’s and Don’ts” for Official Church Social Networking Sites

If a parish or other Archdiocesan institution or program sets up a Facebook page, they should follow the following guidelines:

Check here for the full Archdiocesan policy on electronic communications, social networking sites, computer use, and here for our policies on proper professional boundaries.