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Public Policy

Faith in Action!

We are committed to offering ways that Catholics can put their faith in action in the public square, to influence legislation to promote the dignity of human life, to support marriage and the family, to defend and promote religious liberty, and to bring Catholic values to bear in other areas that affect public policy.

Our mission is to help transform our society and laws in light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ:

“The direct duty to work for a just ordering of society… is proper to the lay faithful. As citizens of the State, they are called to take part in public life” (Pope Benedict XVI, Deus Caritas Est 29)

“By fulfilling their civic duties, guided by a Christian conscience, in conformity with its values, the lay faithful exercise their proper task of infusing the temporal order with Christian values”  (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Catholics in Politics 1)

We have mobilized the faithful for lobbying trips, letter-writing and email-writing campaigns, rallies and other activities to influence our government to defend the unborn and vulnerable. Information is regularly sent to parish activists to encourage them to take action on urgent issues. We have given talks to numerous religious and secular groups in an effort to promote the Catholic values.

We coordinate our efforts with Family Life/Respect Life Office and other offices of the Archdiocese, the New York State Catholic Conference , and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  In particular, we rely on the NYSCC Catholic Advocacy Network, which organizes and mobilizes grassroots e-mail advocacy in support of the positions of the Church on public policy matters.

For information about the various areas we are concerned with, see the other pages of our website.

Edward T. Mechmann, Esq.