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Introducing the Catholic Advocacy Network

January 8, 2008

You have the ability to speak up for good people and good values. Our elected leaders and the people who work in government do respond to knowledgeable and timely communications from advocates and voters.

Therefore Cardinal Egan and the other Bishops of New York State started something very useful and effective a few years ago: a voluntary association of concerned advocates called THE CATHOLIC ADVOCACY NETWORK.

More than 50,000 people are members already. Hundreds more add their names each month from parishes and institutions. Perhaps you joined this Catholic Advocacy Network when it was new. Maybe you are ready now to lend your support to this good idea. Either way, you can help the people we serve and the ministries we are engaged in.

Below we will tell you some of the reasons why and how we should make our views and voices heard in Albany, where important decisions about values and money can be shaped by your emails.

So please read this material when you have a moment. Think about your responsibilities as a citizen and a voter. Then, if you are willing, go to this website:

www.nyscatholic.org. Click the section called "Join The Network" so you can become part of the Catholic Advocacy Network.

Signing up is your personal choice; you don't have to work here or even be Catholic. We just want all of you to know about our Network, and invite you to join it and use it for the people and values you respect.


Sincerely yours,


Sr. Mary Elizabeth, Family Life Office & Msgr. William Belford, Chancellor


Introducing the Catholic Advocacy Network


To sign up go to www.nyscatholic.org today and click on "Join the Network".


The potential of this Network is enormous: there are 7.5 million Catholics in New York State! In numbers, there is strength. Together, we can make a difference in promoting justice and respect for human life in our society.

Quick Facts about the Catholic Advocacy Network

The Catholic Advocacy Network (CAN) is a grassroots network of concerned Catholics who want to make a difference in the political arena. The Network sends e-mail alerts on breaking legislative developments, offers pre-written messages to your elected representatives, and enables you to send the messages with just a few clicks of your computer mouse. You can let your voice be heard from the comfort of your own home, and it literally takes only a minute.

Does advocacy work? You bet it does. The Catholic Advocacy Network has helped to secure state aid for private, religious and independent schools, assisted in defeating the death penalty, and helped prevent serious cutbacks to programs serving the poor. The Network has sent over 75,000 messages to legislators this year alone, and legislators have responded.

The potential of this Network is enormous: there are 7.5 million Catholics in New York State! In numbers, there is strength. At this point, the Network has over 50,000 members. With even more members, our ability to affect the laws of our state will only grow.

Sign up today! To sign up, go to www.nyscatholic.org and click 'Join the Network.'

There is no cost to join the Network and the NYS Catholic Conference will not offer or sell your name to any other lists.. It requires very little commitment of time, and offers free benefits to you and to the common good of our society.

Even if you are not connected to the Internet, you should still sign up for the Network today. You will receive a free monthly newsletter, "Capitol Compass," and an invitation to attend an annual lobby day for Catholics at the State Capitol in Albany.

Together, Catholics CAN be a powerful voice in the halls of state government. Together, we CAN build the City of God. Together, we CAN make a difference!

P.S. Please feel free to forward this invitation to any of your family or friends by clicking on the email icon, lower right corner.