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Catholic Guardian Services

  • 1011 First Ave
  • Floor: 10
  • New York, NY  10022

  • Contact: Craig Longley
  • Phone: 212-371-1011 Ext. 2300
  • Web Site: www.catholicguardian.org

Provides community-based child welfare services in the Bronx and Manhattan, including: Child abuse and neglect prevention services, including intensive preventative and aftercare services for youthful offenders; Healthy Families NY Program; foster care and adoption services, including services for children with HIV/AIDS and severe emotional disturbances; residential treatment for adolescents diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness, adolescent mothers, and youth preparing for adulthood. Family Day Care Services for working and low-income families in the Bronx. Juvenile Justice Non-Secure Detention services. Residential and Respite care services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including those who are dual-diagnosed, non-ambulatory, blind, deaf, aged, and medically fragile. Maternity, private and international adoption services. Free counseling, medical and shelter care for women facing unplanned pregnancies. Homeless shelter care for mothers and infants up to age 3. Assistance in helping young mothers secure permanent housing, employment, medical care, and family stability.