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Novice Rules

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General Tumbling – Novice

A. All tumbling must originate from and land on the performing surface. (Exception: Tumbler may rebound from his/her feet into a stunt transition.

B. Tumbling over, under, or through a stunt, individual, or prop, is prohibited

C. Tumbling while holding or in contact with any prop is prohibited.

D. Spotted, assisted, or connected tumbling is prohibited. (Example: Double cartwheels and chorus line flips are illegal.)

E. Dive rolls performed in a swan or layout position are prohibited.

Standing Tumbling – Novice

A. Series front and back handsprings are allowed.

B. No jump skills are allowed in immediate combination with a standing handspring. (e.g. No toe touch back handsprings or back handspring toe touches)

C. No twisting while airborne. (Exception: Round offs)

D. Back Tucks are prohibited.

Running Tumbling – Novice

A. No twisting while airborne. (Exception: Round offs)

B. Airborne skills must involve hand support with at least one hand when passing through the inverted position. (Example: one-handed cartwheels are permitted, aerials and whip back handsprings are not.)

C. Series front and back handsprings are allowed.

D. Back Tucks are prohibited.

Partner Stunts – Novice

A. A spotter is required for all extended stunts.

B. Single-leg extended stunts are not permitted. Extensions are permitted and must include 2 bases, a back spotter and a front spotter.

C. Single-leg stunts may not be held at or pass through an extended position. (Clarification: Passing through an extended position is illegal. If it is obvious to the judge that the intent of the stunt group is to gain a competitive advantage by passing through an extended position, than it is a violation of this rule. Taking the top person above the head of the bases would be illegal.)

D. During transitions, both bases must remain in contact with the top person.

E. Single based split catches are prohibited.

F. See Novice “Pyramids” for further restrictions and/or exceptions.

G. No free flipping or assisted flipping mounts or transitional stunts allowed.

H. When catching a transitional stunt that is above prep level, at least three catchers are required.

Dismounts – Novice

A. Cradles from single-leg stunts at prep level must have a back spotter supporting the head and shoulder area of the top person.

B. Cradles from multi-based stunts at prep level or above must have two catchers and a separate spotter positioned at the head and shoulder area of the top person.

C. Dismounts to the performing surface from stunts and pyramids must be assisted by an original base.

D. Cradles are allowed from all stunts.

E. No free flipping or assisted flipping dismounts allowed.

F. Tension drops/rolls of any kind are prohibited.

Release Moves – Novice

A. No release moves allowed.

B. Helicopters are not allowed.

Inversions – Novice

No inversions above ground level allowed. (Exception: Transitions from ground level inversions to non-inverted positions are allowed. Example: Going from a handstand on the ground to a non-inverted stunt such as a shoulder sit is legal.)

Pyramids – Novice

A. Pyramids must follow Novice “Stunts” and “Dismounts” rules and are allowed up to 2 high with the following exceptions: Extended single-leg stunts are not permitted. Single-leg stunts must be braced by at least one top person at prep level or below and the connection to the brace(s) can be hand or foot and must be established at or below prep level. The top person of the prep level brace(s) must have both feet in both bases hands. (Exception: shoulder sit, double base thigh stand or shoulder stand)

B. No stunt, pyramid, or individual may move over or under another stunt, pyramid or individual (e.g. shoulder sits walking under prep.)

C. Extended stunts (extensions) may not brace or be braced by any other extended stunts.

D. Cradles are allowed from extended stunts and single-leg prep level stunts in pyramids.

Tosses – Novice

All tosses (basket, squish from hands, etc.) are prohibited.