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Cheerleading Saftey Guidelines

1. All teams must be supervised during all official functions by a qualified director/coach.

2. Coaches must require proficiency before skill progression. Coaches must consider the individual, group, and team skill levels with regard to proper performance level placement.

3. All teams, gyms, coaches and directors should have an emergency response plan in the event of an injury.

4. Soft-soled shoes must be worn while competing. No dance shoes/boots, and/or gymnastics slippers (or similar) allowed. Shoes must have a solid sole. If you can roll it up and put it in your pocket, it’s illegal.

5. Jewelry of any kind including but not limited to ear, nose, tongue, belly button and facial rings, clear plastic jewelry, bracelets, necklaces and pins on uniforms are prohibited. Jewelry must be removed and may not be taped over. (Exception: medical ID tags/bracelets, and uniform rhinestones. Rhinestones are illegal when adhered to the skin as opposed to a uniform. Temporary tattoos are also allowed.)

6. Routine shall not exceed 3 minutes. A ten-point deduction will be given for any routine that exceeds 3 minutes. Cheerleaders must have at least one foot on the performing surface when the routine starts.

7. Any height increasing apparatus used to propel a competitor is prohibited. (Exception: spring floor)

8. Casts that are hard and unyielding or have rough edges must be appropriately covered with a padded material.

9. Flags, banners, signs, pom poms, and megaphones are the only props allowed. Props with poles or similar support apparatus may not be used in conjunction with any kind of stunt or tumbling. All props must be safely discarded out of harms way (e.g. throwing a hard sign across the mat from a stunt would be illegal). Any uniform piece purposefully removed from the body and used for visual effect will be considered a prop.

10. On the level grid, all skills allowed for a particular level encompass all skills allowed in the preceding level.

11. Required spotters for all levels must be your own team’s members.

12. Drops including but not limited to knee, seat, thigh, front, back, and split drops from a jump, stunt, or inverted position are prohibited unless the majority of the weight is first borne on the hands/feet, which breaks the impact of the drop. Shushinovas are allowed.