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Basketball Rules

All CYO Leagues, for boys and girls, follow the official High School Basketball (Boys) Rules of the National Federation of State High School Athletic Association for 2008-2009.

The 3 point play will be governed by county rules except at the Archdiocesan championships where it will be implemented in the Elementary Junior Varsity, Varsity and High School divisions.

Time periods: All elementary leagues - 6 minutes

High School - 7 minutes

In all girls’ divisions, Rookie, Bantam, Small Fry and Tyro, the official smaller ball will be used.

The foul line for Rookies, Novice, Bantam, Gidgets, Small Fry, Cadettes and Debs should be 12 feet from the backboard. However, the full key will be utilized to determine the three second violation.

In Rookie and Novice divisions the full court press will take effect only in the last one minute of the game. The defense must remain behind the offensive half court line for the first three quarters.

A player may compete on only one CYO team and only in one division.

When a parish or school has more than one team in CYO leagues, a player may move from one team to another in compliance with roster addition dates if eligible, only once in the course of a season, with the approval of the County Director. A player cannot jump back and forth.

When a team is 15 points ahead in any game, it will be illegal to use a front court press. Failure to comply with this rule, after a warning, may lead to a technical foul.

Four time outs are allowed during the game. There will be no penalty for illegal numbers on uniforms, or for contrasting colors on shirts worn under uniforms. Contrasting shirts must be uniform throughout the team.

Dunking is not permitted in any CYO division, not during warm-ups nor during games.

Team players and up to two coaches only may sit on the bench.

No shot clocks will be utilized.

Bonus situation begins with the 7th team foul. The “one and one” bonus is the only bonus that will be administered in CYO basketball.

Players shall remove all jewelry and hair accessories prior to start of game. Players are not permitted to wear tape over any jewelry (including earrings.) Players either remove all jewelry and hair accessories or they do not participate in the game.

Players are not permitted to wear sneakers with lights, springs or wheels.

A player or coach who is ejected from a game will be suspended one game for the first offense and will face possible expulsion from the league on the second offense.

Players involved in a fight will be suspended for three (3) games and depending on the severity of the incident may face expulsion. Second offense will result in immediate expulsion. A coach involved in a fight will face immediate expulsion upon consultation with the Pastor, County Director and the Advisory Board.

It is the home team’s responsibility to keep the time clock and scorebook, whether at their gym or at the CYO Center. Parishes, schools, etc. are responsible to train adults to run the clock.

NOTE: Children who are attending games must be supervised by their parent or guardian. It is not the responsibility of coordinators, coaches or the CYO staff to supervise children attending games as spectators. Lack of supervision can lead to possible injury to the child/children.