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Center for Spiritual Development - Welcome!

Welcome to the Office for Spiritual Development!

The Center for Spiritual Development is one response of the Church of New York to the spiritual hungers so deeply felt in our time. The spirituality we proclaim is that of the Gospels, lived in the Church for 2,000 years and still developing, as they continue into the Third Millennium.

The School of Spirituality, established by Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R., in 1974 to train spiritual directors, was expanded to include the Spiritual Development Program for the spiritual formation of adults in 1979. It became part of the Center for Spiritual Development in 1983, and provides programs and courses for those desiring spiritual growth.

To provide opportunities for the on-going spiritual formation of adult Christians invited to live more fully their Baptismal call through:

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Ann Marie Wallace, Ph.D.

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