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March 23, 2012 

Dear Friends,
It is a privilege to commend you for your participation in the Rally for Religious Liberty, for standing up for the fundamental rights of all people of faith.
Since January 20, when the final HHS Mandate was announced, two things have been abundantly clear: religious freedom is under attack, and we will not cease our struggle to protect it. Of course, this is not a "Catholic issue" alone. It is wonderful to see so many of our fellow Americans of all faiths stand together in this important moment. Nor is this about what our opponents are marketing as "womens' health." It's about the sacred right of any faith community to define its own teaching and ministry, and the right of every person of faith to be free from being forced to do something that violates their conscience.
We are also proud that religious freedom is our heritage, our legacy and our firm belief, both as loyal believers and as Americans. We will continue to seek redress from our government and our courts, and we will tirelessly defend the timeless and enduring truth of religious freedom.
Again, thank you for your public witness on behalf of religious liberty. May God bless you all.
Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan
Archbishop of New York



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